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To involve Parents in School

Teenagers at Class“To involve Parents in school” is a training session addressed to teachers and educators which aims to provide guidance to them in order to help effectively parents to involve in school. The first part of the session “To involve Parents in school” analyzes the following topics:

- Families role on students learning

  • Parental Educational Styles promoters of a healthy development
  • Parents that performing their parenthood effectively

- Benefits of Parental Involvement in School for:

  • Children
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • School

- Barriers to Parental Involvement in School

- Ideas on Parental Involvement in School

- Ideas related to parental engagement at school

- Inequality on the parental participation at school

- Studies carried out in Portugal - Main results

- Orientations to promote parent envelopment at school


- Epstein (1987/1992) - Typology of parental involvement

  • Duties / Basic Family Responsibilities
  • Duties / Responsibilities Basic School – Communication
  • Involve parents in school activities participation and volunteering
  • Involvement in learning activities at home
  • Decision-making
  • Collaboration with the community

- The role of the Form Tutor in promoting parental involvement in school

  • Communication professor-family
  • Support learning at home

- Some reading suggestions

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